Liquid African Black Soap 4 oz



African black soap is good for all skin types, helps soothe irritated skin, has antibacterial properties, fights acne, helps reduce hyper pigmentation  

When Using African Black Soap

For some, it can be very hydrating, and for some, it can be drying. Here are a few things you might observe when using African Black Soap for the first time, your skin may feel dry because the soap draws out all the impurities and oils. However your skin balances in a few days. It also may cause a mild tingling or burning sensation and a bit of redness. This also is a temporary face and here are a few thing to Keep In Mind While Using African Black Soap. if you have have dry skin it is recommended to follow up with a face serum cream or rose water. If it is your first time using black soap try using small amounts until your skin is used to it.

Liquid African black soap

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